Privacy Policy

Privacy and our website​

We collect two types of information through our website:

  • Personal or individually identifiable information that you provide to us 

  • Standard web server/visitor traffic information, regarding overall website traffic patterns. Our web server collects this basic information as part of their web log process. The logs include:

    • Service provider IP addresses 

    • Browser versions 

    • Referring websites 

    • Duration of visits 

    • Total visitor traffic. ​

This information helps us to understand how people use our website and assists us in managing our site to better serve our audience. 
Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine does not pass Standard web server/visitor traffic information onto any other third party, other than Google Analytics for site usage monitoring, and other than required by the laws of the Commonwealth and/or States of Australia, i.e. an applicable court order.

Member Passwords

Members' passwords have been encrypted in our database and no one, including moderators and administrators of Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine, have access to them.  Members should also not use the same password for all their online activities.

Cookies and browser information

The Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine site software uses HTTP cookies to store session information and a login token that allows the site to remember you should you chose that option. 
Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine does use Google Analytics to monitor site usage but not Google advertising.
Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine will never pass information onto any other third party.

Individually identifiable information and how we use it

There are instances when Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine collects individually identifiable information from its web users. Eg member information, event registration, product ordering, donations, merchandise sales etc.

First Name and Surname, Email Address, Street Address, Suburb/Town, State, Postcode, Telephone may be collected. In addition users may choose to provide other personal information.

In the case of financial transactions conducted online we process standard credit card information (card type, card number, expiry date) via a secure, encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) session using Paypal. 
SSL is the standard for secure web transactions. We maintain records of all financial transactions.

Occasionally, Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine may contact individuals who have provided their individually identifiable information through the website in order to:

  • Conduct surveys and gather feedback to improve our quality of service to you. 

  • Supply news and information. 

We may also provide contact information to third parties. 
This is restricted and limited to competition winners and place getters in our competitions, who have won a prize sponsored and supplied by an external company. 
One or more of; your username, real name and email address will be provided to that company so they can arrange direct with you, the supply and delivery of your prize.


Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine will not sell, supply, or allow use of the member database, for any reasons other than those outlined elsewhere in this Privacy Statement.


We respect your privacy. Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine complies with the National Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth of Australia), specifically in relation to the amendments made by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (Commonwealth of Australia).

Our commitment to the security of confidentiality is resolute and we aim to apply best practice to ensure privacy is protected and respected. 
Privacy management is a continuous and evolving process and we regularly update our practices to accommodate changes in technology, the organisation's function and legislation.

Inherent Risk of Forums (Message Boards)

Although Ochre Face and Bodyart Magazine will takes all reasonable precautions in our power to protect your personal privacy, please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.
All personal information shared with us needs to be at your own risk. We also cannot be responsible for the inappropriate actions of others, either on or off the site.

A privacy complaints procedure

For further information about any matter relating to privacy please contact our Privacy Officer:

Brian Hadwin

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