Xana-Akasha Starmartyr

When we saw Xana's profile we instantly were drawn to her Gore.... but not just her blood, but the emotion, the intent and pure artistic talent.... She is most definitely The Mistress of The Macabre..... Everytime we see her work our minds go into story overload, making up the plot behind her brilliant artwork.... actually scratch that this not just artwork.... this is Bloodwork....

Make sure you checkout Xana on all her links and social media streams. Looking forward to more Gore from this amazing Lady.


Makeup Artist

SFX Artist

Social Media and Other Links

Instagram: gogogadget_vamp

Deviantart and Tumblr: cryptkeeper57

How did you get into the world of Face and Bodyart?

I love Star Trek and Lord of The Rings...the special fx in those have been so interesting to me as a kid. As well as other films like Pan's Labyrinth or even Nightbreed. Nowadays I put on some music..  which can range from King Diamond to Prince... and all in-between. I grab a bottle of blood, some makeup and if I don't like what I created I add to it or just start over. Its all in fun. ❤️

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