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How did you get into the world of Face and Bodyart?

Like most it started by doing face painting to earn some extra money and didn’t know anyone else doing it and wanted more info so I went along to the UK face painting conference in Birmingham in 2012 and I saw a chap being bodypainted, I was transfixed and knew I wanted to paint a person, it wasn’t until another 2 year when I got the opportunity.

I saw a post in 2014 for artist for a private meet in Hull and I was accepted to paint and I chose the handsome Luke Vanko as my model, he was quite new as well.

I didn’t really think much about it and prepared my design and ordered my accessories it wasn’t until I was driving there I suddenly became scared and started panicking about painting near a mans bits a pieces. When I arrived in the car park I was the 1st one there and I was just about to drive back home when a fellow painter I knew spotted me and he took me under his wing and I set up at the side of him. In walked Luke, over 6ft tall rippling with muscles and drop dead gorgeous, I nearly threw up on the spot. I needed not to worry Luke was amazing and looked after me. I was looked after by everyone at the event, soon my nerves disappeared but I was exhausted after the day.

I never looked back from that day and took every opportunity to body paint, learning so much from everyone each time I painted.

In October 2014 I entered the body painting competition at the UK Face and Bodyart Convention in Birmingham, I had a lovely assistant Anna Brookfield and a lovely model Nikkiita Mclusky, we worked hard that evening and to our amazement we won, a very proud time for us all.

In January 2015 I with 3 other people set up The Bodypaint Project, an organization set up to look after artist, models and photographers. We have a great group and I have made a lot of friends along the way, we just all love to get together and make art. Among all the fun we do have a serous side to The Project and that is to look after everyone and good practices are adhered to.

Ive been body painting ever since (but not as much as I’d like as normal life takes over).

In 2018 I entered the Gibraltar bodypaint competition and came second.

Awards, Achievements or Acknowledgments

October 2014 Intermediate Bodyartist winner at the UK Face and Body art Convention 2018 second in the Gibraltar Body art Competition.

Photo Credits

Tina Smith photography, Keith Mitchell photography, Stuart Richards Photography, Daniel James Photography, Digital Mechanic Photography, Deborah Selwood Photography, David Trowel Photography, Horrifi.Me.UK photography Gedpix photography and John M Paris Photography


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