The Skin I Live In

To be seen... To be known..... To have an Image.... These are ideals that we are told are important to our worthiness as a human. From the start, attention is what gets us fed, cleaned and loved.... We are social beings after all.... The need for a connection comes from the fact that we are created from and inside humans beings.

But when we grow older and change into the human we see in the mirror, what do we see? Being a social being has a very razor sharp double edge. On one hand we strive to be noticed for our achievements, our looks, our thoughts and our actions. But on the other hand we want people to notice us in certain way, but usually we get the opposite. It is this social psycho dance we play. Do we hide ourselves behind false facades, ideals and actions in order to please the social world....Or do we boldly brandish ourselves for all to see and damn the consequences?

Now we can blame all the cultural groups, the fashion industry, and society as whole....but it really comes down to personal perception. It all starts with how you see yourself. Do you see yourself as someone that gets noticed for the wrong reasons, or reasons you don't want attention for ? Or do you see yourself as someone who demands attention, seeks exposure, and doesn't care in what form it is presented?

Which ever you answer was, how you yourself is how you see others... You project what you want back, like when you ask how your day was... you do want the person to ask you back.

Reality and perception begins and ends with us... We can hide behind a social collective idea as the reasons why you are the way you are but when it comes down to it, You Own All You Are... The perceptions you make on the world around you, only end reflecting back on how people see you...

This amazing UV fractured paint design by Jayde Materson from Super Jay's Face Painting shows theme idea perfectly. Ashlee Greaves is a stunning model, really friendly, caring and so awesome to work with. She enjoys her appearance. Her eyes project real character and emotion. The curves of her body she uses to further project the form and style of the design. She is very attractive and the UV paint design perfect in its design..

But what do you see?

From my point of view I see a very raw and emotional picture of what we all go through on our journey in a socially judgmental world... I see her pride, her strength gained by being what she wants to see in the world... beauty and human form shared to enrich the world, but also her pain and sorrow from a world that will only see her as model.... This is how society has become that little less friendly, that little less tolerant, forgiving and kind...We need to change this...stop the over need for attention for attentions sake... become selfless, share yourself to world without conditions. Freedom 2 Bee


Artist Jayde Materson / Super Jay's Face Painting

Model Ashlee Greaves

Photographer Brian William Hadwin / Ochre Imagery Studios

Photo Edit Brian William Hadwin


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