Radical Self Expression

Hidden behind our daily grinds, our struggles, dramas and routines exists a being just waiting to get out, to burst free and say "" Look At Me "". The expression of ones self is the most important gift someone can give to the world....

We function is society almost as predictable as the machines we create to serve us...

In this paint see A Steampunk Unicorn... part cogs, chains, levers and gears.... and part fabulous mythical creature, thing of beauty. But in this instance dirty but invention, progress and Dickensian-like creature.

The revealed skeletal structures suggests a stripping back or wearing down of self.... marked and branded by human made cogs.... restrained by the chains of acceptable social expressions.

The heart padlocked.... either by choice to safeguard the last remaining spark of universal radicalness... or by the environment..... shackled and bound kept from bringing light and joy the world through a self expression that only unicorns can bring.

The sunken dulled eyes, tainted by a world of forced progress and reductive knowing, rather the trusting the natural flow of energies and embracing our connections to all things...

But behind all the scars and trauma we see glimmers of sparkle and wonderment.

Nothing is ever lost only transformed.... and in this non stop flux of life we understand the essence of what Radical Self Expression truly is.....

The whole idea can be explained with the idea "" Whats Next ? "".

The question is the seed that sparks the changing your entire environment by starting with a single step of asking yourself now what, and taking action to find the best answers to that question I've experienced

This idea was recently explored by Akilah S. Richards, a published author, digital content writer, and lifestyle coach who writes passionately about self-expression, womanhood, modern feminism, location independence and the unschooling lifestyle. She is a storyteller who believes in the power of expressed personal narrative and deep self-acceptance as tools for authentic self-expression and community enrichment. An independent author and life coach dealing with Radical Self Expression in the workspace. Her work is based on a particular core belief: We cannot keep using tools of oppression and expect to raise free people.

Whether it be in the work place or schools, organisations or educational institutions.... Radical Self Expression is what will save our planet... The free thinking and unrestricted exploration of imagination to create and manifest the future, not for the benefit of social expectations or profit, but for the benefit of life and the freedom of self expression as a tool for society to embrace not laugh at or squash.

To see more on Akilah S. Richards check out at http://radicalselfie.com/


Artist Denise Benda / Wibbly Cheeks Art

Model Brooke Sterelli

Photographer Brian William Hadwin / Ochre Imagery Studios

Photo Edit Brian William Hadwin


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