Part 1: A Mental Health Story: Brian's Beginning

I was born as quirky and as fascinatingly strange as I am childhood was an adventure from start to finish and now that I am an adult I feel the world is my canvas..... this is how my autistic brain works...I see patterns everywhere, the infinite possibilities in everything, but both the good and the bad.

I have always been this way....but my diagnosis didn't come until this year. My Family has always known my quirkiness, and when I was a boy autism was very rarely diagnosed, but because of this fundamental idea that I will mention in a moment I have grown and adapted with my condition to be the man I am today.

The most important and fundamental idea I believe for any child with a mental illness is to always be told that they should always try and never have a fear of failure. Now this may sound obvious, but this isn't always the case. Over protection is hard for parents but in some cases can lead to a restriction rather than an expansion or growth of the person they are trying to protect. this can lead to a life long setup of lack of self worth, anxiety and depression.

Because of this fundamental idea my parents instilled in me, I have optimism in core being, the optimism of putting in effort and practice and allowing myself to learn from failure and not fear it.

So as homage to Picasso and his blue period which allowed him to work through his depression after losing a friend to suicide I decided to do my first Self Portrait chalking. But where Picasso had his Blue Period, I will have my Purple Period, for rather than being depressed I am more frustrated with how the world as opposed to how the world could be... 馃摲;-)

This year the theme of World Mental Health Day is Suicide Prevention. The Australian Government, The Liberal Party of Australia are also committed to preventing and ending suicide in the Australian Community.

As an artist I use my art to express myself and reflect society.... one thing that I have discovered this year dealing with my own dark thoughts of self harm and suicide is to understand and focus on what I have and what I need to be safe and feel loved rather than what I don't have. I believe that this is a good foundation dealing with suicide on a national or even global scale.

I use art as my therapy but also as therapy for society, for awareness and thought provoking conversations that I hope will change the world for the better.

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