My Mental Health Story Part 2 : Brian's Brain over Brawn

One thing that I have always struggled with in my life is my body image... where it is my looks...and not feeling attractive or not being able to gain and keep weight.... there have been many times I have destroyed my self worth because I hate the way I look and feel ugly as a result.

When I was growing up, a big thing for me was my weight.... I have never had a huge appetite and have always found it hard to keep on weight. As boys grow society tells us we should be strong, have muscles, defend women with our might..... for me I have never had muscles, never felt hugely physically strong, defending though never had an issue, but that is another story.....

So because of my build I have felt less of a Man, and through my life I have much felt that way from others....

Body Image is a huge contributor to suicide each year, one of my main motivations I have for being a photographer and body artist is to shine a spotlight on the universal beauty of the human form.... no matter what size or shape.... to create art from the uniqueness that is you....

I did this bodypaint today on myself to bring awareness to The Butterfly Foundation an organisation that helps and represents all people affected by eating disorders and negative body image.

Today I still struggle with my body image from time to time, sometimes feel unattractive and that nobody thinks I am "hot", but then I realise that I control how I see myself, and my beauty or hotness does not defined by society.... personally I believe in the beauty of everyone, and if I have ever told you are, you can trust I mean it completely.

To find out more about The Butterfly Foundation click here

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