Make Fitness Fun

Maintaining fitness can often become a chore rather a pleasure so devised a method to it more fun....... UV paints of course.....

Yoga began is an ancient practice that started in India circa 3000 B.C. Stone-carved figures of yoga postures can be found in the Indus Valley showing the original poses and practices. Yoga was developed as a way to achieve harmony between the heart and soul on the path to divine enlightenment. It was discovered that yoga has benefits of treating many diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, and alleviating physical injuries and chronic pains.

One of the main physical and mental benefits of yoga comes from Balance. Physically, balancing teaches us to tap into the deep muscles that coordinate the separate parts of the body into an integrated whole. Mentally and emotionally, working on our balance helps us develop a keener focus as well as the ability to keep an even keel despite the inevitable wobbles that arise in life.

Drishti means “focal point.” It refers specifically to where we orient our eyes and, in a broader sense, to where we focus our energy. Our eyes play a large role in balance. While we do use other sensory input (including our sense of touch and feedback from sensors in our inner ear), for most of us vision is our primary means of maintaining stability in relation to our surroundings.

All of us, regardless of age or level of yoga practice, can learn better balance. The key is to start by connecting to our base and deep stabilizing muscles, choosing balance options that allow us to stay long enough to benefit, and being mindful of how we direct our energy through our gaze and our breath. Once we have these central principles in mind, we can be more creative—challenging our balance by moving our gaze or closing our eyes, varying our base, and testing both static and dynamic stability.


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