Lindy van Tuil

Lindy is one our most favourite Australian bodyartists. Her attention to detail goes beyond the usual.Lindy is a brilliant human canvas story teller, her designs are hugely emotive and perpetuates the dynamic medium that is Bodyart.

Face Painter

Body Painter

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Instagram: lindyvantuil

FaceBook: Lindy van Tuil


How did you get into the world of Face and Bodyart?

I have always been an artist and one day a friend suggested I try face painting. I called an entertainment company just to ask about it and she said " OMG I need face painters! Can you start this week?" I gave myself a crash course and started 5 days later. It was terrifying, but I was hooked. I started my face painting business "Lindy V Face and Body Art " and then about 7 years later started body painting which I quickly became very passionate about. I especially love conceptual body art, making costumes and props and bringing my artistic vision altogether.

Awards, Achievements or Acknowledgments

Australian Body Art Awards - 2016

2nd Place - Costume Body Art

2nd Place - 2 Hour Face Paint

3rd Place - 5 Minute Face Paint

1st Place - Face Off WA

Australian Body Art Awards - 2015

2nd Place - Costume Body Art

1st Place - 2 Hour Face Paint

3rd Place - 5 minute face paint

1st Place - Face off WA

1st Place - Face Off National

1st Place - Face Off People's Choice

Australian Body Art Awards 2014

1st Place - Costume Body Art

National Commendation - Face Off

Photo Credits

Tiptoes Media - White coral/fishhead piece Steve Green - Glamshot Photography - all other photos

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