Kerry Wheatley

We are totally blown away by the multi faces, the skulls and comic inspired face painting Kerry Wheatley creates. Creepy but Cool, I think heard at Ochre HQ. Kerry's use of Blacks and White, highlights and shadows in amazing. Once you look, you can't look away.... hehehehe one could say.... keep an eye on this Artist. :-)

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How did you get into the world of Face and Bodyart?

Completely by accident, a friend said "you'd be good at that" bought a few Snazaroos, did a bit of practicing. Then 2 weeks later she said "I have you a booking!) Had to get decent pretty fast, to my suprise everyone loved it. That was two and a half years ago and I haven't looked back, I have the best, most colourful job in the world!!

Awards, Achievements or Acknowledgments

Won a full day of training with the awesome Nick Wolfe at the Telford Face Painting Jam. I've been lucky to have had training from some of the best face painters in the world! Natalee Davis, Corey Morgan, Heather Green, Karen Huwen and more.

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