Kate Turner

Kate Turner is a true Artist... From the beautiful land of Ireland, Kate Turner not only an amazing Body Artist and Bodyart Model but she also is a technically skilled Photographer as well.

Her vibrant art reflects her love of Nature, Animals and her drive for adventure.

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How did you get into the world of Face and Bodyart?

I met one of the co-founders Caitriona years ago at a photoshoot for a company called Swapshop that was once situated in Temple Bar. We got on really well and it went from there, I took photo's at the first Jam I went to and started painting and modeling at them as well.

Awards, Achievements or Acknowledgments

My phenomenal Artist Jessica Kelly/Downey and I placed second in our category brush and sponge at the recent Irish Bodypainting Festival. It was a long but fantastic day, with so much fun and talent.

This last photo is something I wanted to include as I just loved the look, the pose and the simplicity of the floor and wall. My amazing artist was Bianca Schwarze from Face it by Bianca, we had a great day.

Credit : David Hegarty and Noleen Kavanagh

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