Jenny Rapti

We are blown away by this Artist and her diversity in style and talent. Jenny Rapti from the beautiful land of Greece now resides in the UK, where she has created a home for her amazing art. Jenny Rapti is a visual artist is the truest essence of the words.

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How did you get into the world of Face and Bodyart?

I used to paint my face every year for Carnival since 2006 but I got more serious about it in 2014 when I started working part time as a face painter and entertainer at children's parties in Greece, where I come from. Moving to the UK in 2016 gave me more opportunities to pursue face and body art as I had an easier access to professional products and workshops with national and international instructors. I was painting every single day for over six months before I started my business, 'Funproject' face & body art in north England in early 2017 and I still practice regularly to keep my work at a good standard.

Awards, Achievements or Acknowledgments

I haven't participated in any competitions...yet

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