Georgina Condon

Georgina Condon turns dreams, or nightmares into reality..... her style is out of this world, from the zombie creatures to her scary film and television characters, Georgina's special FX and Makeup skills give me goosebumps. The realism from her highly skilled technically abilities she brings to her art truly makes her creations come alive.

Makeup Artist

SFX Artist

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How did you get into the world of Face and Bodyart?

I have always been an artist looking for the right medium for me I paint,sculpt,write but none of them were a career until I fell into a job doing Makeup for an album Cover and fell in life love few years late I decided to truly follow that path and I have not looked back love building a career in the film and television industry

Awards, Achievements or Acknowledgments

I was lucky enough to have won the avant-garde Makeup artistry competition in the Brisbane hair and beauty expo in 2017 I also won the best dressed woman and man zombie in the zombie walk at Helensvale in 2018 I also work as a Makeup artist at Warner Brother movie world's fright night last year and I have been a runner-up in dead of winter festival special effects Makeup competition and monster Makeup massacre and looking forward to many,many more opportunities to show my skills

Photo Credits

@fortytwofifteen @spiritandsoulimages @rawbones Benjamin Nichols ( @netherworldarcade)


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