Blacklight Booths is a fully immersive UV Blacklight experience…. 

Our Blacklight Booths are bathed in UV Blacklight creating a surreal and psychedelic world in box.  As you step into one of our Blacklight Booths you will leave the drab, dull and faded outside world, and enter a UV universe of all the things that glow….

Get painted up with an amazing UV design by our awesome Blacklight Artists, or play dressups at The Glow Bar where you will heaps of Glow Props.  

Plus create some art yourself on our UV Graffiti Chalk wall….write a message draw picture it’s up to you.

And after you have had too much fun you can capture it all in our Photo Booth….Share to Social Media or get a printout to remember how much you GLOW.

Blacklight Booths